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Guide to Trees

Guide to Trees

In order to make sure your tree buying experience goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve provided this handy Guide to Artificial Christmas Tree shopping ?to help ensure you get the perfect tree this Christmas.

Before You Start…

The first step in finding the right tree this Christmas is to measure the area you intend to display your tree. Knowing how tall your ceiling is allows you to limit your search to trees that will appropriately fill your holiday space, while knowing the width of the space will help you decide which tree girth will complement your festivities.

Inside or Out?

Will your tree be out in the elements? Or front and center inside your home? Both have different safety, construction, and lighting concerns to consider. So knowing whether you’re seeking a larger corporate sized tree with durable, weather-resistant construction or a more aesthetically detailed and energy-effecient interior tree, can certainly save you time and stress in your search for the perfect tree.

Tree Materials (for Indoor Trees)

Consider all the aspects of the different types of artificial Christmas trees there are and find out which type (or types) of trees appeal to you most. Being able to limit your search to a specific type will make your shopping experience much easier.

  • PVC Trees made from sheets of PVC (polyvinyl chloride, for the technically inclined) and cut into strips to create the look of needles. The most economically friendly tree material, if not the most detailed or realistic.
  • PE trees (formed from Polyethylene) or “sculpted tip trees” are poured into molds based on real tree branches, making PE trees the most realistic and detailed trees on the market.
  • – Combo It is not uncommon to find both PE and PVC needles on the same tree. While PE trees can achieve a high level of detail with their unique molding process, PVC needles can more effectively and efficiently fill space. So in combination trees, the PVC needles will generally fill out the interior of the tree, while the PE needles make up the exterior of the tree, making it look healthy and full.
  • Specialty These aren’t your grandparents’ Christmas trees. Some unique innovations in Christmas tree design have been made over the years, and these one-of-a-kind Christmas trees will make your holiday celebrations stand out.

Quality Control

Once you know what type of artificial Christmas tree you’re looking for, you can begin to weigh your options based on the quality of their materials and construction. Of course any artificial tree you consider should be flame-resistant, and made of durable materials, preferably metal. Plastic tree materials such as stands, poles or hinges should be avoided, as they are more susceptible to damage and breaking through regular use.

Save Time in Decorating

Find out if the style of tree you’re interested in is available pre-lit. You will not only save the hassle of having to string your own lights, but will have a professionally wrapped and beautifully decorated tree in a fraction of the time. Not all pre-lit trees are made equal though. Look for trees with more spacing between their lights, to give your tree the best possible light distribution, and remember that while LED lights may be more expensive, they will last significantly longer than their incandescent counterparts.


Guide to Lights

Guide to Lights

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without the magic and sparkle of Christmas Lights. Our Christmas Lights Shopping Guide will help you get the best lights to show off your Christmas spirit!

Before You Start…

Just as with deciding on a Christmas Tree, you should measure the area you want to decorate to determine the length of lights you’ll need.

Inside or Out?

Another important factor into the type of lights you should buy is whether they will be for more intimate interior decoration, or whether they need to shine and survive through outdoor conditions. Also, depending on what you have in mind for your decorations, there are certain lights designed for specialty decorating purposes.

Types of Christmas Lights

Knowing about the different variety of Christmas lights available will allow you to find the perfect lights for your needs, saving you time, and making you a smarter shopper.

  • – Incadescent Lights are the classic Christmas Lights. They come in a wide array of colors, giving you nearly limitless options in your decorating decisions.
  • LED Lights are the newest technology in Christmas lights. While they are slightly more expensive to create, they are vastly more energy efficient than incandescent lights, resulting in lower electric bills and a longer life to the string.
  • Specialty Lights are unique sets of lights that are designed for more specific decorating purposes. Examples include icicle lights, or net lights which make decorating bushes and shrubbery a snap.

Quality Control

While purchasing purely on price can be enticing, be sure to do your research into the quality and safety of your Christmas lights. How many lights are on a string? While more lights seem appealing, it generally means they are also shoved closer together on the string. Look for lights with at least 6 inches of spacing between each light for better aesthetics and a longer life out of your investment. Also, don’t forget to look for lights that are tested by Underwriters Laboratory (often seen as UL), an independent testing agency that ensures the lights will be safe for use under normal conditions.


Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Corporate Christmas Trees and Decorations

You can count on LeGrue’s, Denver’s Largest Christmas Gallery, to have everything you need when it comes to creating a magical holiday environment on a grand scale.

LeGrue’s has selection and experience with trees up to 100 ft. tall!

You’ll need more than just a tree though to really create the holiday magic. Lucky for you, we are experts at creating beautiful decor uniquely designed for you and your space.

To learn more about our Corporate Services, please call the store during business hours to speak directly to one of our team.


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Rentals Available As Well

Get in touch to find out about renting a Corporate sized Christmas tree, including setup and tear down.